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Admission and Fees

Moving into a care home is a big decision and it is very important to have as much information as possible to help with this. Marie Sharp, our Manager and Christine Green, our Deputy Manager are available to discuss the various options available and to assist prospective residents to decide whether it might be the right place for them. In the first instance, this usually involves a visit to Bankfield to see the lifestyle at first hand.

Following this to arrange to visit the prospective resident in their own home or in hospital to complete a full assessment of both resident’s  needs and whether Bankfield is able to meet those needs. We asses type of room that is most suitable and the level of care which the person requires. This is without obligation and provides the resident with the fullest possible range of information on which to make a decision. We have a range of room rates available and these can be discussed in further detail with Bernadette or her Deputy at any time. We will accept Social Services funding, however a Top Up will be required to make up the full amount for the room chosen.

Fees is a complex area. There are typically 2 types of resident; those privately funded and those funded by the local council/ social services. Levels of savings and ability to pay fees will dictate what kind of funding is required. There are numerous websites offering advice and your local council website is usually very helpful as are their in house support teams.

Over the years we have dealt with various authorities on different forms of funding we are happy to assist and to help your understanding of available funding.

If the client decides to move in with us, then Bernadette and her team will co-ordinate all the arrangements and necessary paperwork to enable a stress free move into their new home.


Can I get help with the cost

Social Services provide funding for residential care on the basis of a means test.

When applying for Social Services funding you will be required to complete a Personal Financial Statement in support of the application. The Statement requires photocopy evidence of all income and savings and a schedule of relevant expenditures.
The application form is available from your social worker, who will advise you on how to complete it.

There is a threshold level of savings of £23,250. If you have this level of savings or more then assistance will not be available and you will have to pay your own fees. This is called ‘Self-Funding’. Nonetheless it is still important to ensure that you complete the assessment form, as your circumstances may change such that you become eligible for Social Services funding in the future.

If you do not have savings of over £23,250 but own your own home then Bury Social Services will fund you until the property is sold. Clearly if this realises equity in excess of £23,250 then you will become self-funding. The agreement for interim funding will be under a legal contact between you and Bury Social Services.

All our rooms are priced above the social service funding, which is £476.09 per week. If you choose our home then the difference between the Social Services rate and the room rate must be paid by a relative, friend or charity. This is known as a Third Party Top-Up payment.

If, as a privately funded resident, you choose one of our rooms then once the threshold level is reached and the funding becomes social services a top up to the agreed amount must be paid.

Bankfield will assist you whenever possible and we are happy to discuss funding options with you.
Otherwise please read the Guide to Charges for Residential and Nursing Care Homes. Alternatively contact your social worker or the Finance Department at Bury Social Services who will be happy to assist. Social Services can be contacted at;

Bury Council
Adult Care Services
Personalisation and Support Business Team
Ground Floor
Town Hall
Knowsley Street
Tel: 0161 253 5151
Email: adultcareservices@bury.gov.uk
Web: www.bury.gov.uk/adults